Our Story

NITRO Beverage Co. is the vision of four friends based in Asbury Park. We started the company by selling cold brew coffee on tap, dispensed from a bike, up and down the Asbury Park boardwalk. It was a success, so we added a second bike, this time near New York City.

Our products were then served on tap at offices and restaurants…but we needed more. There had to be another way to share our products with the world. 

As lovers of craft beer we decided cans would be the way. Why the cans? Convenience and the environment. Cans are welcome everywhere, they’re sleek, light weight and made out of aluminum which is infinitely recyclable!

Why the name NITRO Beverage Co.? We wanted to embrace the brew process and the special element that is at the core of all the beverages we create. Nitrogen not only creates a magical cascade and drinking experience but it also makes up 80% of Earth’s atmosphere and without it we just wouldn't survive. 

Our promise is simple. Continue making products that stand out in a crowd using simple, organic and fair-trade ingredients.