Our Story

From humble beginnings as an Asbury Park coffee cart to a national beverage company, The NITRO Beverage Co. story is the true entrepreneurial dream. NITRO Beverage Co. is defining a new, organic and sustainable segment for the beverage industry: Nitrogen-infused beverages! The benefits of infusing a beverage with nitrogen are that it creates this beautiful cascade, creamy texture and a super smooth finish.

NITRO Beverage Co. began in the summer of 2016 when the four founding partners opened up a coffee cart on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. As business grew, they recognized a huge demand for organic craft beverages. That is when the famous Original cold brew and Coconut cold brew were born. And let’s not forget about the nitrogen-infused kombucha!

Fast-forward to today, a commercial brewery, kegs in leading offices, and cans shipped right to your door. Fans no longer have to be in New Jersey and New York to experience NITRO Beverage Co. as they look to keep sharing organic and fair-trade beverages all over the country.